laura evans serna

            I grew up in Albuquerque wandering the Sandia mountains and enjoying magnificent sunsets each night. I was spoiled by the mountain and desert wilderness and the freedom it offered. Now that I’ve lived in Oxford, Washington, DC, and Tokyo, I know how rare and precious that kind of experience is. 

            As a teenager I’d lie on our concrete driveway with my siblings and friends, watching Hale Bopp slowly cross the sky. We discussed science and theology with no reservation. What are the laws of physics, and where did they come from? What do they mean? Where do humans fit into all of this? What binds society together? These are the questions that make us human. They don’t belong to the scientists, philosophers, or theologians. Everyone has a right to make them their own.

         I started my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of New Mexico. At the time, I was tired of Albuquerque. Until I left I didn’t appreciate the unique mix of cultures or the abundance of intellectual activity of my home town. I married a man in the Air Force and followed him to Colorado, where I spent my time teaching English with Catholic Charities and finishing up a degree in math at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Next we moved to the UK where I had the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford. I earned an MSc in Mathematical Modelling while pregnant and experiencing motherhood for the first time. (It was a struggle, to be sure!) Oxford is a fantastic, walkable city perfect for pushing a newborn around in a pram. Although we only spent three years in Oxford, I will always feel as if it is a home of sorts for us.

        I spent periods of time teaching math and doing technical editing, but motherhood suits me more than any other hat I’ve worn. My three daughters are a constant joy. I’ve come to the conclusion that the world over needs more, not less, of the maternal touch, and I want to write stories featuring strong, intelligent mothers.